Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kids Did My To Do List & Girl Scout Cookies

Walking in from work yesterday I was pleasantly surprised; the to do list I left my older kids got done. Dishes done, floor mopped and laundry being folded. Now mind you, I told oldest daughter to mop on Sunday and my son didn’t fold all the laundry – he didn’t want to fold my undies & bras. What is he going to do if he ever gets a significant other?

My oldest daughter even planned dinner. She got the chicken ready for my husband to cook on the grill. They took longer to cook then I would have liked, but they made dinner. Now if they would just do this every night.

On the Girl Scout front we are wrapping up our annual cookie presales. This year we have a team of 4 adults reviewing all the initial orders from the 51 troops in our neighborhood. Kind of interesting to see how many boxes of cookies each troop needs. Our neighborhood will have about 58,000 boxes of cookies come in on Valentine Day. Cookie booth sales for the Arizona Cactus Pine Council start on 2/19/10 and run through 3/14/10.

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