Sunday, November 28, 2010

Facebook Has Sucked Me In

Two months ago, heck even last month, if someone told me I was going to be checking my Facebook page everyday - several times a day; I would say "Yeah right".  I had considered it to be a time vampire, but have discovered it is a time vampire if you get sucked into  playing the games or commenting on every little posting your friends put up.

I started really posting right before Halloween and it just took off.  I don't play the games, I don't do the quizzes and don't comment on every posting some one puts up. It all started with the Girl Scout service unit setting up a Facebook group to get information out to the leaders.  I first told them "I don't use Facebook", but I started going on and was intrigued.  First it was just my sisters & brothers in law and my kids, then my nieces & nephews. It then branched out to other GS leaders and other close friends.

I have yet to pull out the old high school yearbooks and start searching for old friends.  I moved from Clark AFB, Philippines at the end of my Sophomore year and I am horrible at recalling names. I was very bad at keeping in touch with people after we were transfered from one base to another.

The final straw that I knew I was hooked was when I got my new Blackberry Curve phone.  I discovered there was a free Facebook app. I immediately downloaded it, so now I can get notified when someone makes a comment on something I post or just check my account when I am on the road. I feel like such a hypocrite. Oh well, I find it interesting.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Parades on TV

Something I have always loved to do on Thanksgiving is watch the Macy's Parade on TV.

Earlier this morning the parade was on CBS.  They showed the giant balloons, but not a whole lot else.  Carrie Underwood sang a couple of songs, but not from the parade; she was is a studio/theater. They did not show much in the way of floats, marching band or other performances.  They were very chatty with other celebrities about what their plans were for their Thanksgiving day.

About 1/2 hour ago, I flipped on NBC and found the parade on.  What a difference!  They are showing things from the ground and the performances that they do in front of the Macy's doors.  They also showed celebrities singing from the floats.  The hosts were not overly chatty and giving facts about the parades and the floats.  I will have to remember to only watch the parade on NBC next year.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend off

This was the first weekend I have had off in a few weeks.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to our service unit's cookie manager training for the 2011 cookies season.  I also was able to get a couple of loads washed & hung up to dry.

Today, I worked on my Girl Scout storage/Laundry room and got a lot of stuff cleaned up, but there is still more to put away.  I had to quickly hurry & pull stuff of the line as it started to rain. Yeah for rain - bad for the soler dryer.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Archery & Pink Tents

Yesterday my daughter K & I went to Camp Marapai in Prescott to teach archery.  We left the house at 6:10 am and got home at 7:30 pm.  The day started out very cold - had to break out the hats, gloves & heavy coats to stay warm.  When  we got almost to the camp, we were stopped by a car in front of us that had stopped in the road.  Off to the left was a herd of deer, just standing there watching us.  We tried to get a picture, but the deer blended in with the bush too much. 

A few weeks ago I was on the Girl Scouts, AZ Cactus Pine Council's website and I saw a like to request pink tents.  I was able to secure 5 hot pink tents from the Susan Koman 3 day walk for the cure.  For that past couple of years the race has donated the tents the walkers used to sleep in to the Girl Scouts.  I tried a once before and didn't get them.  The tents are 7' x 7' and will sleep 2 adults or 3 girls.

Here is a shot of 3 of them in my back yard.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Medicine in Territorial Arizona

I am about to  break a blogging rule and mention where I work.  I don't care, I love my job and the organization I work for.  They have be very good to me over the past 24 year.

A couple of weeks ago I answered a phone call at work from the grandson of Ancil E. Martin, MD.  Dr. Martin was the president of the Arizona Medical Association in 1894.  The grandson, was looking for a historical book that mentioned Dr. Martin.  My office had one we did in 1992 when ArMA turned 100 years old.  Since we have lots of the books I mailed the younger Mr. Martin one.

A couple of days ago, he sent me a thank you note - very nice to receive when I feel like I am just doing my job.  In his note he came up with the title of the book he had been looking for: "Medicine in Territorial Arizona".  The Arizona Medical Association commissioned this book and it was edited & published by the AZ Historical Foundation in 1966.  Since the book was copyrighted by ArMA, I copied the chapters Dr. Martin appeared in and mailed it to him.  Very interesting stuff.

I think I am going to have to read this book. I have lived in Arizona since 1976 and worked for ArMA since 1986.  Maybe I will post information about some of the stories from the book.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Working in Tucson

On Friday at noon, my co-worker Joni (the Day Dreamer) and I are working at the meeting at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson.  After the meeting she had to staff, we went to a little place called Cafe Jasper on Campbell & Skyline.  We ordered drinks and dinner.  The dinner was kind of like appetizers then a meal, but that was fine with us.  I feel entries have gotten too large.  They also had an acrostic guitar/singer that night & he was great.

On Saturday, we started working at 6 am and finally got to go to dinner around 6:30.  Sunday was about the same, starting at 6:30 am.  I got to leave at 12:35, but she was there until after 4:30.  Joni is lucky, she is on vacation this week so she can rest up.  I on the other hand have to work.

My next day off will be Sunday, since I am teaching archery in Prescott on Saturday.

Powerful Statement

My 22 year old niece posted this on her Facebook page & I think it a wonderful affirmation.

I may not be the most beautiful girl or the sexiest girl, nor do I have a perfect body.
I might not be everyone's first choice, but I'm a great choice.
I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, because I'm good at being me.
I might not be proud of some of the things in my past, but I'm proud of who I am today.
So take me as I am or watch me walk away. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making others cook

Here are some facts about my household:
  1. I don't really like to cook
  2. there are 5 other people in the house 15 & up
  3. they are all capable people
  4. I am going to start making them cook dinner
Starting last night I made Yvonne & Joe do the cooking.  I did buy the some hamburger, the buns and frozen french fries.  (Joe is Yvonne's boyfriend who appears to be living at my house).

Tonight it is Zachary's turn. When I told him, he asked so what is for dinner - my response "I don't know what are you cooking?"  I did let him off the hook by suggesting spaghetti or tortellinis & salad.

We will have to see how this goes.