Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kids Did My To Do List & Girl Scout Cookies

Walking in from work yesterday I was pleasantly surprised; the to do list I left my older kids got done. Dishes done, floor mopped and laundry being folded. Now mind you, I told oldest daughter to mop on Sunday and my son didn’t fold all the laundry – he didn’t want to fold my undies & bras. What is he going to do if he ever gets a significant other?

My oldest daughter even planned dinner. She got the chicken ready for my husband to cook on the grill. They took longer to cook then I would have liked, but they made dinner. Now if they would just do this every night.

On the Girl Scout front we are wrapping up our annual cookie presales. This year we have a team of 4 adults reviewing all the initial orders from the 51 troops in our neighborhood. Kind of interesting to see how many boxes of cookies each troop needs. Our neighborhood will have about 58,000 boxes of cookies come in on Valentine Day. Cookie booth sales for the Arizona Cactus Pine Council start on 2/19/10 and run through 3/14/10.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain and the Santa Maria River, Arizona

It has been raining in Arizona most of the week. When it rains here, the normally dry rivers begin to flow and turn into mighty rivers.

My husband is a general contractor and has a client with a few hundred acre ranch in Bagdad, AZ. The ranch is near the bank of the Santa Maria River. The river is normally dry and about a month ago we could drive quads down the middle of the river bottom. He sent me some cell phone photos of the river.

Santa Maria River Jan. 20, 2010

Santa Maria River Jan. 22, 2010

Santa Maria River Jan. 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comforting a Child

This event didn’t even wait until I walk through the door, but hit my cell phone this afternoon. I have 3 kids who range in age from 24 to 14; my 24 year old daughter is going to school to become a veterinarian technician and is doing a clinical externship at the AZ Humane Society. Last week was great for her even though it was on the trauma side. This week she was observing the surgical clinic. She called hysterical about having to report to school because some of the other techs thought she was inappropriate. She made a comment about anesthesia affecting a rabbit's anatomy. I am sorry, but if the Humane Society is suppose to be teaching why didn’t they call her aside and talk to her as opposed to calling the school and asking her to leave. This means the school needs to find another place for her and she must complete 180 hours so she may be behind her current class. What is wrong with the bosses here? They should have just talked to her, how else is she going to learn. She doesn’t have that much work experience and she is ADD. Yes, I know ADD is not an excuse but she doesn’t necessarily recognize social cues form those around her.

Driving home from work I was very sad for her and felt bad for myself for having 3 kids with ADD or ADHD and different levels of learning or social disabilities. Sometimes I get tired of having to deal with it all. I mean, why can’t I have a child who is highly motivate and an over achiever.

My son is 20 and not college material – he tried but was not successful. He is currently unemployed and has never really had a job.

My daughter who is 14 is a freshman in high school and told me tonight of girls in her PE class yelling at her, telling her to get out of the way (she was 3 feet from them) or to shut up. I hate some high school aged girls – they are so catty (feel free to insert the B word). My oldest daughter from Junior high on had more friends who were boy then girls because boys are real and girls aren’t. Groan.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday an event happened in the Phoenix area that does not happen very often… it rained! We are expecting more rain tonight and through the rest of the week.  Yeah!

I put a call in to my son to cover up my dad’s 1992 Winnebago parked beside my house. We have a 12’ RV gate and the space to have it parked at my house. The deal is, if it is parked at my house, we get to use it. However, it leaks, and it leaks badly if we get a heavy downpour. I am really glad I had Z cover up the RV, because it started to pour around 9:30 pm.

We have not had a good down pour in a long time.

The other issue we had to deal with is, I do not own a dryer. It died a couple of years ago and I decided not to buy a new one. My oldest daughter Y did her laundry and it was hanging on the line. Luckily our line is between the patio support posts, so it was under cover. But, when it is raining there is too much humidity for the stuff to dry. She ended up bringing her laundry in and hanging it in the bathroom. In the summer I can hang a load and it will be dry within an hour.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back To Work

Today I am back at work. I was nice to have a week off and it is kind of hard to get back into the swing of things. Oh well, I do get 4 weeks off a year so I can take more time in a couple of months for my daughter’s spring break.
Walking in to the office today, I was faced with voice mail and the regular type of mail you get after being gone for a week. I am never faced with loads of email that need my attention, because I check my email all the time from home. It is so much easier to check everyday and not have to come back to work with hundreds of email messages demanding my attention.

Also demanding my attention was to get the people in my building to buy Girl Scout Cookies from my daughter K. This year I have chosen to not walk the neighborhood taking pre-orders. We live in a part of town that has horse property so it is a lot of walking for not too many orders. Once we have our cookies in hand I am going to take a couple of the girls with a wagon door to door.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girl Scout Paperwork Done

Finally, I have my girl scout troop paperwork caught up. Why did I let it go for so long? I discovered we have lots of girls who have not paid their troop dues this year and even paid some who have a balance on two activities we did in the fall.

With just two days of vacation left, I am going to cut out and sew a scrub top for my oldest daughter. She is going to school to become a vet tech and is doing an externship at the local humane society. This is where she really wants to end up when she is done with school.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Work Done

I am on vacation. Ten days without going to work, five days of youngest daughter being in school and two weekends to get work done around my house.

I am very involved with Girl Scouts and have (call me crazy) three troops. I have a co-leader who is doing the planning for one of the troops, but it is still mine. I had two events that I ran in November and December and my house looked like Girl Scout stuff was caught in a hurricane. Yesterday, I spent several hours cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming and mopping the entire white tile in the main area of the house. I hate white tile!

Six Thirty came around and my house looked pretty good. Eight girls out of 11 Cadette/Seniors showed up for the meeting. We discussed what they want to do with their cookie profits depending on how our sales go this year. They don't seem too interested in tent camping. My co leader brought her small video camera and we had the girls make cookie commercials. One group really did a commercial and the other was very silly - theirs looked more like a cookie mugging.