Monday, February 14, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

Yesterday bright and early I, along with a team of volunteer, took delivery of 67,260 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for the 54 troops in my area.  We sold 14% more in our presales this year.

5,605 Cases of Cookies

Sorting into Troops

Next weekend, if you are in Arizona, look for Girl Scouts going door to door through neighborhoods with cookies in wagons.  Cookies are still $4 per box and most of the money stay in Arizona.  The troop gets a percent of each box and Council gets some.  This money helps with the upkeep of our camps and pays for program.  

Cookies booths at the grocery stores start on Friday 2/25 and run each Friday, Saturday and Sunday until March 20th.

Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White Tail

I was at the Girl Scout camp Willow Springs in Prescott last weekend.  After dinner on Saturday, when we got back to our cabin unit, K & E told us to be quiet. When we looked between the two cabins we saw a herd of white tailed deer grazing about 100 feet away - maybe closer.  It was about 5:30 or so and getting dark.  I was amazed on how the really do blend in with their background.  Here is a shot of them watching us watching them.