Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Work Done

I am on vacation. Ten days without going to work, five days of youngest daughter being in school and two weekends to get work done around my house.

I am very involved with Girl Scouts and have (call me crazy) three troops. I have a co-leader who is doing the planning for one of the troops, but it is still mine. I had two events that I ran in November and December and my house looked like Girl Scout stuff was caught in a hurricane. Yesterday, I spent several hours cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming and mopping the entire white tile in the main area of the house. I hate white tile!

Six Thirty came around and my house looked pretty good. Eight girls out of 11 Cadette/Seniors showed up for the meeting. We discussed what they want to do with their cookie profits depending on how our sales go this year. They don't seem too interested in tent camping. My co leader brought her small video camera and we had the girls make cookie commercials. One group really did a commercial and the other was very silly - theirs looked more like a cookie mugging.

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