Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sometime early in the morning on Thursday, I was bitten by a mosquito (I think) on the back of my right hand.  At first I thought I was just having a serious allergic reaction when it started swelling way up.  So, I left work, came home and took some Benadryl.

On Friday morning, my hand looked like this

I have a tendency to just put things off and figure it will be OK after a while.  But with a swollen as my hand was, I went to see a doctor.  I was told it had turned into cellulitis.   Had to look that one up; Cellulitis is a common skin infection caused by bacteria.  I was put on antibiotics, and this morning the swelling is down by half and I can bend my fingers again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Money Found

Yesterday, I started cleaning up my laundry/Girl Scout room.  I combined troop records into one box instead of 3.  Put away all my Welcome Training Materials into one draw of a filing cabinet. Actually through away 3 ring binders that I had brought home from work thinking I could use them (we weren't using them any more at work).  Removed contents form binders for past Service Unit events and old bank statements and put them in a pile to be shredded.  I was on a binder from 2004 and pulled a bank statement, deposit receipts, store receipts and found $2.00 cash.  I bet the woman who was doing the financial stuff at the time went nuts trying to figure out where those $2.00 went.  They are now safely in my purse.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Archery and a Bat

Yesterday, my oldest daughter Y and I headed to Camp Willow Springs in Prescott, AZ at 5:30 am to teach archery for a Girl Scout Encampment. We got up there around 7:30 or so and the first group of girls came over at 8:00. The archery range has two nets behind where the targets are. One is permeability hung up high and then there one was bunched in two at each side of the targets.  When we took off the bungee cords and stretched out the net, we found a little critter - a bat. It was sleeping at the bottom of the net and started to climb up after we stretched out the net.  Y & I told the girls they could look but no touching the bat.

Isn't it cute:

It finally got to the top of the net and flew away.

Whenever we have a group of girls who have shot before, we put balloons on the targets. We had a group of girls who had come with their dads. One of the dads yells out to his daughter "$50 if you hit the balloon".  I don't think he expected her to do it, but within 10 - 15 minutes "Pop" she nails the balloon. After a while in the session, we let the dads shoot and they were telling the girls, the girls would need to pay them $50 if they hit the balloons.  It was very amusing to watch the competition among the dads to pop all the balloons.

We had a break from noon to 2:30, so rather then eating in camp with the girls, we chose to drive the 5 miles into Prescott and get lunch.  We found a nice little Italian restaurant - Genovese's Restaurant.  It was very nice.  

We got back to camp and Y took a nap for about 1/2 hour in the van and went behind the targets looking for stay arrows.

The group that we had at 2:30 was a troop that had their own bow. This was nice because it told us they had all shot before, so we just had to talk about pausing on the draw in order to aim.  We waited about 1/2 hour for our last group to show up before we started to clean up.  We I checked out with the leader in charge, I found out that they we still on the high ropes challenge course.   Oh well, we are both really tired and ready to head home.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Break In

This past weekend, my daughter K, good friend S & her daughter E went up to my mother's cabin in Forest Lakes, AZ.  Weather was beautiful, it even rained a little bit while we were there.

On Sunday we took a drive down to the Black Mesa Ranger Station on Highway 260 across the from the Woods Canyon Lake turn off.  I love the view from this station, it is right at the edge of the rim and you can see all the way to 4 Peaks.  K needed to take some pictures for her photography class and wanted them from the rim.

When we got there, the Forest Service had installed bars on the windows & doors.  When we went inside we discovers someone had broken in on August 17, 2010. They smashed display cased and stole gems, rocks, artifacts and  taxidermy animals.  They have a huge poster up asking people if anyone has photos of the display cases to contact the Forest Service.  I have spend a bunch of time this morning trying to find a news story on the break in but came up empty handed.

I think it is very sad that people feel the need to take things away from a place like this.  Now the rest of us can no longer enjoy the displays that were there.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bit by a dog

Yesterday after work, I stopped by a Girl Scout leader's house to pick up fliers for 2 of the schools I have girls from.  She has a couple of big dogs and I figured they were okay since she has her troop meeting at her house.  I was petting the big lab, Shepperd mix and his head and all of a sudden he growled and bit my right hand.  OMG, it happened in just a second, chomp chomp and a puncture wound on the top of my right hand in the middle and on the palm of my hand.  

Deb told me he had never, ever done anything like this before. Dog is current with all his shots so that is good. She has girls & adults in and out of there house all the time and the girls are all over the dog.  I don't know what to say, but he didn't like where I had my hand.  She kept apologizing over and over.  I assured her I has fine, just needed to sit for a while with a damp towel to stop the bleeding and an ice pack on top to keep it from bruising too much.

When I got home, I had my oldest daughter help me with bandages - since it is on my right hand & I am right handed.  Because we bandaged the top & palm of my hand she wrapped in that stick to it self, but not your skin tape stuff. So, it looked way worse than it was.  I does hurt to bend my middle two fingers down, so I can't grab things.

When K got home from school, she & I drove up to my mom's cabin for the long weekend.  My husband is off to the Flagstaff area to scout for elk; he has an archery elk hunt starting on 9/12. My older kids stayed in the valley to take care of the animals.