Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Medicine in Territorial Arizona

I am about to  break a blogging rule and mention where I work.  I don't care, I love my job and the organization I work for.  They have be very good to me over the past 24 year.

A couple of weeks ago I answered a phone call at work from the grandson of Ancil E. Martin, MD.  Dr. Martin was the president of the Arizona Medical Association in 1894.  The grandson, was looking for a historical book that mentioned Dr. Martin.  My office had one we did in 1992 when ArMA turned 100 years old.  Since we have lots of the books I mailed the younger Mr. Martin one.

A couple of days ago, he sent me a thank you note - very nice to receive when I feel like I am just doing my job.  In his note he came up with the title of the book he had been looking for: "Medicine in Territorial Arizona".  The Arizona Medical Association commissioned this book and it was edited & published by the AZ Historical Foundation in 1966.  Since the book was copyrighted by ArMA, I copied the chapters Dr. Martin appeared in and mailed it to him.  Very interesting stuff.

I think I am going to have to read this book. I have lived in Arizona since 1976 and worked for ArMA since 1986.  Maybe I will post information about some of the stories from the book.

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  1. **WOOT!** for ArMA! Right there with you on the sentiments.

    Way cool!