Sunday, November 28, 2010

Facebook Has Sucked Me In

Two months ago, heck even last month, if someone told me I was going to be checking my Facebook page everyday - several times a day; I would say "Yeah right".  I had considered it to be a time vampire, but have discovered it is a time vampire if you get sucked into  playing the games or commenting on every little posting your friends put up.

I started really posting right before Halloween and it just took off.  I don't play the games, I don't do the quizzes and don't comment on every posting some one puts up. It all started with the Girl Scout service unit setting up a Facebook group to get information out to the leaders.  I first told them "I don't use Facebook", but I started going on and was intrigued.  First it was just my sisters & brothers in law and my kids, then my nieces & nephews. It then branched out to other GS leaders and other close friends.

I have yet to pull out the old high school yearbooks and start searching for old friends.  I moved from Clark AFB, Philippines at the end of my Sophomore year and I am horrible at recalling names. I was very bad at keeping in touch with people after we were transfered from one base to another.

The final straw that I knew I was hooked was when I got my new Blackberry Curve phone.  I discovered there was a free Facebook app. I immediately downloaded it, so now I can get notified when someone makes a comment on something I post or just check my account when I am on the road. I feel like such a hypocrite. Oh well, I find it interesting.

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