Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bit by a dog

Yesterday after work, I stopped by a Girl Scout leader's house to pick up fliers for 2 of the schools I have girls from.  She has a couple of big dogs and I figured they were okay since she has her troop meeting at her house.  I was petting the big lab, Shepperd mix and his head and all of a sudden he growled and bit my right hand.  OMG, it happened in just a second, chomp chomp and a puncture wound on the top of my right hand in the middle and on the palm of my hand.  

Deb told me he had never, ever done anything like this before. Dog is current with all his shots so that is good. She has girls & adults in and out of there house all the time and the girls are all over the dog.  I don't know what to say, but he didn't like where I had my hand.  She kept apologizing over and over.  I assured her I has fine, just needed to sit for a while with a damp towel to stop the bleeding and an ice pack on top to keep it from bruising too much.

When I got home, I had my oldest daughter help me with bandages - since it is on my right hand & I am right handed.  Because we bandaged the top & palm of my hand she wrapped in that stick to it self, but not your skin tape stuff. So, it looked way worse than it was.  I does hurt to bend my middle two fingers down, so I can't grab things.

When K got home from school, she & I drove up to my mom's cabin for the long weekend.  My husband is off to the Flagstaff area to scout for elk; he has an archery elk hunt starting on 9/12. My older kids stayed in the valley to take care of the animals.

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  1. I'm glad you are okay. At least your dog bite isn't as embarrassing as mine usually are - from my own dog! Ha-ha!

    Enjoy your weekend!