Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Break In

This past weekend, my daughter K, good friend S & her daughter E went up to my mother's cabin in Forest Lakes, AZ.  Weather was beautiful, it even rained a little bit while we were there.

On Sunday we took a drive down to the Black Mesa Ranger Station on Highway 260 across the from the Woods Canyon Lake turn off.  I love the view from this station, it is right at the edge of the rim and you can see all the way to 4 Peaks.  K needed to take some pictures for her photography class and wanted them from the rim.

When we got there, the Forest Service had installed bars on the windows & doors.  When we went inside we discovers someone had broken in on August 17, 2010. They smashed display cased and stole gems, rocks, artifacts and  taxidermy animals.  They have a huge poster up asking people if anyone has photos of the display cases to contact the Forest Service.  I have spend a bunch of time this morning trying to find a news story on the break in but came up empty handed.

I think it is very sad that people feel the need to take things away from a place like this.  Now the rest of us can no longer enjoy the displays that were there.

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