Sunday, September 12, 2010

Archery and a Bat

Yesterday, my oldest daughter Y and I headed to Camp Willow Springs in Prescott, AZ at 5:30 am to teach archery for a Girl Scout Encampment. We got up there around 7:30 or so and the first group of girls came over at 8:00. The archery range has two nets behind where the targets are. One is permeability hung up high and then there one was bunched in two at each side of the targets.  When we took off the bungee cords and stretched out the net, we found a little critter - a bat. It was sleeping at the bottom of the net and started to climb up after we stretched out the net.  Y & I told the girls they could look but no touching the bat.

Isn't it cute:

It finally got to the top of the net and flew away.

Whenever we have a group of girls who have shot before, we put balloons on the targets. We had a group of girls who had come with their dads. One of the dads yells out to his daughter "$50 if you hit the balloon".  I don't think he expected her to do it, but within 10 - 15 minutes "Pop" she nails the balloon. After a while in the session, we let the dads shoot and they were telling the girls, the girls would need to pay them $50 if they hit the balloons.  It was very amusing to watch the competition among the dads to pop all the balloons.

We had a break from noon to 2:30, so rather then eating in camp with the girls, we chose to drive the 5 miles into Prescott and get lunch.  We found a nice little Italian restaurant - Genovese's Restaurant.  It was very nice.  

We got back to camp and Y took a nap for about 1/2 hour in the van and went behind the targets looking for stay arrows.

The group that we had at 2:30 was a troop that had their own bow. This was nice because it told us they had all shot before, so we just had to talk about pausing on the draw in order to aim.  We waited about 1/2 hour for our last group to show up before we started to clean up.  We I checked out with the leader in charge, I found out that they we still on the high ropes challenge course.   Oh well, we are both really tired and ready to head home.

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