Saturday, August 21, 2010

High School Evacuated

Yesterday Centennial High School in Peoria was evacuated over a bomb threat.  One of my girl scout friend's daughter (E) goes to Centennial High School. As she was getting ready to go into a job interview she heard that the school was on fire, when she was not able to get a hold of her daughter she started to panic.  (Most of the kids left their back packs on the floor of the classrooms and E was one of them).  Read more about the story here

About 1000 students were evacuated to one church and another 1000 to another.  E was in a group evacuated to a Mormon church that would not allow the students into the building except to use the bathroom.  Teacher were with their classroom students.  It was 110 out yesterday and we had high humidity; the kids were in the parking lot for about 1 1/2 hours.  I know of one girl who was throwing up due to the heat and according to the story 12 people were treated on the scene by the fire department that was there and 3 had to be taken to the hospital.  All I can say is shame on the church leaders! 

The students that were taken to another church were allowed to sit in the pews.  From what I have heard both of the churches involved are on the district's evacuation plan, they must not have know what they were agreeing to. 

I was thinking of this today, what would have happened if it was winter and raining?  Would they make the kid stand in the cold rain?


  1. I went to the news article you linked to and then read the comments. There are very conflicting accounts about the church's behavior. I hope a reporter follows up on that part of the story.

  2. I based my post strictly on what the mom of E told me. She also knows the mom & girl who got sick. It could be that some kids got in, but based on the sunburn E got, she was not one of them.