Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Forgot the Keys

My husband, youngest daughter and I are back at my mom's cabin while she is in the valley helping with Vista del Camino back to school event in Scottsdale.  She told me this year the number of kids looking for assistance with back to school supplies is down by about 150 kids from last year.  She and the other volunteers believe it is a direct result of Arizona's SB1070. This year to get services participants in the program must prove they are US citizens and people can only be in the program for 5 years.  Both I think are good policies.

When we got to Safeway in Payson to buy some milk, eggs and other perishable food items, husband asked if I had the keys.  My brain comes the conclusion very quickly that I left them on my desk.  Oh crap!  On Monday night I thought "I need to put the keys in my purse" but it quickly left the memory banks.  He told me not to worry that we would get in without having to drive all the way back home.  When we arrived at the cabin we found the door locked, but not any of the windows.  So with in about 15 minutes, maybe less, he had the screen off the window by the table, slide the window opened, pulled a chair outside and had K climb in and open the door.  Luckily mom left an extra set on the counter in case we both wanted to be gone at the same time.  Lesson to mom --- lock your windows.

C & K sat on the front porch sorting through tackle boxes to get just the trout stuff into one.  I brought up my sewing machine and some fabric to make K some skirts for school.  I also brought up the stuff to work on my rag woven place mats and some girl scout work that needs to be done.

Hopefully we all have a relaxing week and start to heal from the sorrow of C's mom passing.


  1. Nice break-in instructions! We just sent our daughter through our doggie door when we locked ourselves out. Ha-ha! Brain-poots, you know. So keep us posted on the fishing situation.

    But most of all, I hope you all just rest and let go.

  2. Scary how easily break-ins can happen. My kids were always proving that to me!

    About the school supplies? You're GLAD kids can't get school supplies? When you say participants must be in the country legally, do you mean the parents or the children? If the children are born here, they're legal. Their parents? Maybe not. But I hate to see children punished or left out when it comes to school supplies that they dearly need.