Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time at the Cabin

My husband, youngest daughter and I spent time at my mom's cabin.  It was so nice to be where it is cool and rainy.  On Tuesday it was raining just a little when we got there. 

On Wednesday, the three of us went to Black Canyon lake. Hubby & K fished - I don't have a license, so I just read a book.  We were there many, many hours and come home with one, count them one, fish.  Oh well it was a nice day.

On Thursday we did do nothing much, I worked on finishing my 2nd rag place mat.

I also made a skirt & dress for K from Butterick pattern 4468.  It is a very simple pattern, however it was suppose to be lined and because I made both pieces out of light weight denim and we live in the Phoenix area, I didn't want to line them. I ended up having to improvise an interfacing for the dress since it was not lined.  Here are the pictures:

My husband set on the porch and read a whole magazine - something that doesn't happen much.

Friday, K and her dad went back to Black Canyon lake and were there until after 7:00 pm.  Again, only one fish got caught.  They almost didn't make it back to the cabin.  Dad gave K the car key to go and get the rain jackets and the coat K used had a whole in the pocket that no one knew about; they car key fell out by the lake.  Luckily my husband's cell phone has a flashlight feature and they found the key.  We are now going to get one of those magnet things to secure an extra key to the underside of they car.

We left on Saturday, and just before we started to load up the van it started to pour.  We were all sad to have to come back to the valley.  School starts for K on Monday and I needed to get laundry done.

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