Friday, July 30, 2010

Kitchen getting cleaned up

Last night my husband made breakfast for dinner while I sat out side and watched it rained.  In the stuff we took from his mom's apartment was a cast iron mini pancake maker. This is a cast iron flat pan with 6 or 7 3 inch indents to cook the batter.  This was something she use to use all the time to make mini pancakes for breakfast for the boys.  I think he was honoring her by cooking breakfast for dinner.

After dinner, it was way to humid to stay outside so I went to a back room to watch TV online. Hubby came back and asked if I told K to do the dishes.  I said I didn't ask her to do that.  Well, I went into the kitchen and she had completely cleaned it... she did the dishes, put all the food away, wiped all the counters down, cleaned off the table we use as an island.  I was so happy. 

Thank you my sweet K.

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