Saturday, April 24, 2010

Girl Scout Annual Meeting and a snake

Today was the Girl Scout, Arizona Cactus Pine Council Annual meeting. I have been a delegate for my Neighborhood for the past 4 years. They do the meeting in two parts; the first is a volunteer session and then we have a business meeting.

Today, Dr. Lattie Coor spoke to us about The Arizona We Want. The adults and girls in attendance broke into small circles and had a discussion about how can we obtain the Arizona “We” want. The thought that came up from a lot of the groups was that we don’t know each other, as neighbors, like people did years ago. How do we fix this? Sit in the front yard in the evening instead of the back yard and greet neighbors as they walk by. Have Girl Scout (and Boy Scout) troops hold community events so people can get to know each other. Start small and have it grow over time.

Another cool aspect of these meeting is they have the Gold Award projects on display. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a girl 14 and up can earn. It takes a huge amount of work and the project has to be sustainable in the community; they cannot do a one time project.

After the business meeting, they has a luncheon for the volunteers and give out awards to outstanding volunteers. They also gave out pins to the amazing women who have been Girl Scouts for 45, 50, 55, 60 and 65 years. I am totally in awe of these women who have given themselves to an organization like Girl Scouts. What a wonderful recourse to have in any organization.

When I got home, my son said the snake was missing. Excuse me, what snake? We don’t have a snake. Cats, rabbits, rats and a tortoise, but no snake. Apparently, he saw a young bull snake crossing the road and stopped and caught it. He put it in the tortoise tank (that does not have a lid); told the 20 year old son (who was totally engrossed in his video game) to keep an eye on it. Hubby left the room for a couple of minutes and the snake got out of the tank. We think it is behind some book selves and will keep an eye on the cats to see if they can give us a clue to the snake’s location. Great, just want I need… a snake loose in the house.


  1. Oh my gawd, a snake in the house?!?!? I'd be in a hotel room faster than you could even say "squealing the tires." Sorry, but like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes.

  2. I total cracked up when I read this. As long as it is not venomous, I have no problem with snakes. If what my husband said is true, it is just a baby. Also, if it happened to find it's way to where the rats are they would kill the snake.