Friday, October 15, 2010

New Computers for the Office & One for me

Last week I had to order a few new computer for my office.  One of the staff was getting a laptop and Dell had a deal to get an Inspiron Mini for just $100.  Couldn't pass that one up.  I am going to pay my office for the mini to use at home.  This will be my Girl Scout computer and my computer to surf the internet.

I also purchased two of the Dell Vostro's all in one computers for two other staff members.  Before I placed the order I had discussed what they needed or wanted and both were okay with the all in one.  I had spoken to them about two weeks before I actually placed the order. I let the three staff members know I had ordered their machines and then I here from one of them that she wanted a laptop instead of the all in one.  When did this happen and why didn't you talk to me when you decided  you wanted the laptop.  Now I have to send one computer back.

The mini computer is kind of cool, the key board is only a little smaller then my Latitude 6500 laptop.  I am not too crazy about the touch pad - it has the buttons built into it, so I have a wireless mouse I am using.  It came with Windows 7 Starter.  With this version of Win 7 you cannot change the background image -- what the heck were they thinking.  I did find several fixes on line.  We have another person at my office, who is very anti-mini she thinks they are very glitchy.  I don't know, we will have to see how this one preformed.

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