Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holly crap it is hot!

I have lived in the Phoenix area since 1976. The day we arrived, we stepped off the plane in mid July and it was 114 degrees out.  My dad was in the Air Force and we had been at Clark AFB in the Philippines. I can recall listening to the news with my parents in late July, early August and hearing the weather men say the humidity was high.  High it was only 15 – 20 percent; sorry but after the Philippines that is not high.   They don’t know what high humidity is.  Try living with 90 degrees and 90% humidity for 6 months out of the year.

For 18 years I lived in a house with only an evaporative cooler.  This worked fairly well until the due point was over 55 degrees.  For most of those years it was fine, but as I got older, come August I really wanted an AC unit on the house.  It was to the point of telling my husband “Don’t even think of touching me”. 

Now at age 50 with menopause kicking in, I don’t like the summer much.  To hang laundry I have my hair up in a pony tail, have a tank top on and a wet towel over my shoulders.  After standing out there for about 10 minutes, I turned the hose on and wet my hair and top. When I came in, I sat in front of the fan with a wet tee shirt on. This feels really good.

I am looking forward to the next time I can go back to my mother’s cabin.

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  1. Wow, we are twins separated at birth. My folks moved here in 1974 - on Father's Day, which was the hottest day of the year that year. It seemed that evap coolers used to 'cut it' - but not any more! Is it my age or are summers less friendly? Summer ponytails are the only reason I keep my hair long, haha!

    Stay cool!