Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Hits Phoenix

Last week on Thursday we hit 105 and then 112 on Saturday & Sunday, so guess what… it is officially summertime in the Valley of the Sun.

Other clues:
• You are willing to park further away from the entrance to a store to park under a tree
• You always put the windshield screen up, even when you get home at night
• If you hang laundry, what you hung first is dry by the time you get to the last item
• It feel like you opened the oven door when you set outside at 3:00 pm
• You don’t leave the office building for lunch, even if you forgot to brown bag it
• You only leave the house before 10:00 am or after 8:00 pm
• You put a sock over your gear shifter in the car and keep an oven mitt for the steering wheel
• The TV weather man just says “ditto”
• You put on a wet tee shirt to do any work outside – yes this really does help.


  1. Thanks for the sock on the gear shifter idea! I always keep a pair of winter gloves in the glove box for summer use - the kind with the grippy dots on the palms. Years ago when I drove a car without a/c, I'd keep a wet bandana in the freezer and later in my insulated lunch bag so that I could tie it around my neck for the drive home in the afternoon. That helped a bit.

  2. Your are welcome. My daughter Y does this in her car.

  3. Gear shift sock is a new one to me, too! Haha!