Monday, May 17, 2010

Water Park Adventures

Earlier this year, my older Girl Scout troop said they wanted to go to Wet & Wild Water Park in north Phoenix with their cookie sale profits. The older girls are range from 6th to 9th grades, so I figured why not; at this age they can roam around the park in small groups without trouble. I was able to purchase tickets ahead of time and buy an all you can drink wrist band. By getting the tickets ahead of time I got them for $10 less than the counter price. Several of the girls went with my co-leader and me yesterday. I will give tickets to the other girls who could not attend and they can use them any time until 9/26/10.

Wet & Wild was awesome. They have a lot of shade structures and hundreds of lounge chairs. We arrived when they opened and were able to find a set of chair under a shade structure that stayed shady ALL day.

My oldest daughter went with us; she helped me by being the adult at a couple of cookie booths, so the troop paid for her to get in. She got me to go down a double tube slide that was kind of like a water roller coaster and then we went down the Raging Rapids slide with my son. Today I can feel it in my upper arms and across my back – I as so out of shape.

I also told all the kids to put sun screen on the tops of their feet, almost nothing worse then burning the tops of your feet. Well, guess who did not follow my suggestion. Yes, you guessed it … me. My right foot is worse then the left. Ouch.

Next Saturday, my youngest daughter, one of her friends and I are going to Golfland Sun Splash in Mesa for the Girl Scout 500 + Cookie Sales Celebration. Should be fun. The water park is closed to the general public – this is a Girl Scout only event. This time I will put sun screen on my feet.

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