Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Click "Next Blog"

Have you every clicked on the “Next Blog” link at the top of a Blogspot page you like? Well, I have. It can take you to some interesting places. A lot of time the start out on similar subjects to what you are reading then can take a major diversion. (Once I ended up on Spanking as the topic-kinky.) Just keep clicking on “Next Blog” sometime and see where it takes you. If you run into a blocked blog, you can hold the Alt key down and press the left arrow, it will take you back where you were.  Then click on “Next Blog” again and you will end up in a new place. Here is a sample of my clicking “Next”.

I started from my blog, Next took me to
http://fragile-flower.blogspot.com/, A women writing about family & Christ, Next
http://jessicamusic.blogspot.com/, Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music Blog, Next
http://statework.blogspot.com/, free great classical broadcast recording, Next
http://barocco-music.blogspot.com/, XVIII Century Music, Next
http://somtow.org/, looks to be Thailand music related, Next
http://csobassblog.blogspot.com/, a person who plays bass in an orchestra, Next
hit the barocco-music spot again, Next
http://dreyshouse.blogspot.com/, random musing from Drey, Next

I have done this by starting at some photography blogs and seen some awesome photos. Try it some time and see where you end up.

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