Friday, March 5, 2010

With rain comes weeds

It has rained more in Phoenix so far this year than all of last year (I think that is what I heard on the news). Anyway, with the rain we get weed – lots and lots of weeds.

When we moved in 2004, my husband wanted more then a postage size lot that dots the landscape here and NO HOA. We found a house in a part of Glendale, AZ with 1/3rd of an acre and no HOA. My son, who is now 20, is our lawn mower person. For the past two weeks he has been working 10 hour days with my husband remodeling a bathroom during the week. The last two weekends it has rained so he couldn’t get the lawn cut.

Well, I got home from work yesterday and couldn’t stand it any more. I don’t mind cutting the grass – I really don’t. I just can’t get the mower started. I had my oldest daughter get the darn thing started and then I proceeded to cut the weeds. The yard looks sooo much better. My body is sore because it was a lot of yard (and I just did the back).

I hope it doesn’t rain this weekend, I have two cookie booths tomorrow and one on Sunday.

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