Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Rabbit Run

We own two rabbits, or my oldest daughter owns the rabbits. One is a lop-eared honey colored sweetheart named Honey Bunny. We got her from a person I work with whose granddaughter’s mother was making the girl get rid of. Honey Bunny had been an apartment rabbit and was overweight. We allowed her go in our backyard and just run and graze and hide. She even started to loose weight. The second rabbit is a huge albino New Zealand Rex. My daughter brought him home from school; she is studying to be a veterinary tech. She had him fixed and when she tried to introduce him to Honey Bunny, he bit her and ripped a big hole in her backside. Because they don’t get along, only one gets to go out back at a time.

Until recently the system works out pretty well. Because we have a large lot (1/3 of an acre) my husband has started a vegetable garden and therefore no more free rain for the rabbits. He bought some rabbit fence and we ran it from the length of the yard and then it was divided in half. Each rabbit gets about 600 square feet of space. Both rabbits are very happy with their rabbit run.

We now just need to come up with some type of shelter for the rabbits to hid in at night and during the heat of the day.

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