Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Old Pictures

My Junior/Cadette Girl Scout troop is participating in our council's World Friendship Day event by learning and presenting information about Panama.  This event has between 800 & 900 people attending. Between December 1968 & sometime in 1972 (I don't recall when we left) I lived in the Panama Canal Zone on Howard AFB.  I was even a Girl Scout during that time.  Because of this event I vent to my mom's and scanned all the photos she had from when I was in Panama.

While I was going through my mom's box of photos, I came across some great pictures of my parents and my youth.

My mom & dad in high school

My mom & dad before kids

Me and my sister 1963 or 1964

Me and dad 1960

When I look a the amount of pictures my mom has it makes me kind of sad compared to the amount of pictures my husband has from his youth.  Even though I don't have as many pictures, I just love these.

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