Monday, December 27, 2010

My Color Nook

For Christmas I purchased a Barnes & Noble Color Nook for my youngest daughter who is an avid reader.  I went with the Nook, because we can check out library books for 14 days without a charge.  I had it delivered to my office so I could set it up before Christmas and would not need to do anything after she opened it.  I even downloaded some free books from Google eBooks.  After messing with it for a while, I added a Color Nook to my wish list and gave it to my husband. Guess what he gave me - a Color Nook.

Right now I am reading James Clavell's Gai-Jin.  I found Shogun & Tia-pan in a box of books at my house and re-read them.  The text is clear and I can adjust the brightness so I can even read it outside in full sun.  I can also increase (or decrease) the font size and spacing on the page.  I have also created a Pandora radio station - the Color Nook has built in Wi-Fi, so I can listen to what I like while I am reading.  I created a station based on the artist Marillion and one for Mozart.

The Nook, comes with extras like crossword, chess and sudoku.  You can also load photos and Word documents onto it, as well as your own music. I can also get to the internet and can read the blogs I follow through Google Reader.  I can see and update my Facebook page.  Talk about another way to stay connected.

I love science fiction so I am trying out a subscription to the magazine "Asimov's".  I have 14 days to figure out if it worth subscribing to.

I am going to take my daughter out later today to B&N so we can both get cover/cases for our Nooks.

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